Slack Extension Setup

After a proper installation, let’s take a look at slack extension setup with WP Ever Accounting.

First of all, Go to Setting. From the Settings you will find a tab Extensions. All downloaded extensions will be set up from this option.

Slack WP Ever Accounting
Slack Settings

Webhook URL

Incoming Webhook URL is a way to send messages from external sources into Slack. The external source sends HTTP requests with JSON payload including the message and few other options. That means, to send data from WP Ever Accounting to Slack, a webhook URL is required.

Now click on the link given below the webhook URL field which will direct you to the slack login page. Use the email address that you have used to log into your slack profile.

Slack Login
Slack Login

Once logged in, you will see an option ‘Post to Channel’. Select a channel or a person where you want to post the notification from WP Ever Accounting.

Slack Post to channel
Slack Post to Channel

Now click on Add Incoming WebHooks Integration which will direct you to a page that holds the WebHook URL.

Slack Webhook URL
Slack Webhook URL

Now copy the WebHook URL and paste it to Slack’s WebHook URL.

Enable Slack

Now enable the slack to send notifications to your slack channel or to a person that you have chosen during WebHook URL setup.


The integreation brings in the following 6 type of notifications from WP Ever Accounting –

  • When any new transaction created.
  • When transaction updated.
  • When transaction deleted.
  • When any new document created.
  • When document updated.
  • When document deleted.