Spectate all your activities made in WP Ever Accounting as notifications in SLACK!!!

Slack is a live chatting system that helps to communicate both as a group or as one-to-one discussions. To avoid messes and complications while working as a team, it can be an awesome tool to organize your work via direct messaging.

Integrate with WP Ever Accounting !!!

Receive instant notifications of sales and expenses directly in your slack chatbox by integrating it with WP Ever Accounting. When a revenue or an expense is added to WP Ever Accounting, it immediately syncs the revenue or the expense with, and a notification is pushed into the slack.

Get Notified by WP Ever Accounting in you Slack-chatbox !!

The notifications you will get in your slack chatbox can be set from the slack setting. After slack integration, you will find the setting in the extension tab. From the settings, you can choose the type of actions you want to drag in your slack chatbox. The actions are –

  • Notify when any new transaction is made
  • Notify when a transaction is updated
  • Notify when a transaction is deleted
Slack WP Ever Accounting
Slack Settings

What is Webhook URL?

Incoming Webhook URL is a way to send messages from external sources into Slack. The external source sends HTTP requests with JSON payload including the message and few other options. To know how to set the Webhook URL, check our documentation.

The extension syncs the following data with WP Ever Accounting –

  • Send notification when any new transaction created.
  • Send notification when transaction updated.
  • Send notification when transaction deleted.
  • Send notification when any new document created.
  • Send notification when document updated.
  • Send notification when document deleted.
Revenue Slack
Revenue view in Slack
Payment Slack
Payment View in Slack

This extension collects the following entities from WP Ever Accounting for each transaction –

  • Date of Transaction
  • Account
  • Amount
  • Customer/Vendor
  • Type
  • Category
  • Payment Method
  • Reference

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