Quick Setup Wizard

When you are done installing and activating WP Ever accounting, you will be taken to a quick setup wizard. By clicking on “Let’s Go“, you can configure the basic settings of your business.

Welcome page - WP Ever Accounting
Quick Setup

Company Quick Setup Wizard

On the next step, you will see is a page to set up your company. You will set your company details on this page. There are both required and non-required fields to set a company such as company name, company’s email address, company address, and the country where your company belongs to.

Company Setup
Company Setup

Currency Quick Setup Wizard

After providing all the necessary information for the company, you will proceed to the Currency setup. In this step, you will see several currencies given. Among them, you need to choose one currency as a default currency for your company. All other currency rates will be against the default currency. If you need to add more currencies, simply select the currency you are in need of from the Additional Currency.

Currency Setup - WP Ever Accounting
Currency Setup
Default currency rate should always be 1 & additional currency rates should be equivalent to default currency. e.g., If USD is your default currency, then the USD rate is 1 & GBP rate will be 0.77


When setting up your default currency and other currencies are completed, it means you have completed the basic setup and are ready to use the plugin.

Finish quick Setup - WP Ever Accounting
Finish quick Setup