Import Accounts

From the dashboard in WP Ever Accounting, under ‘Accounting‘, go to the ‘Tools’ menu. There, you will find both the import and export options. Click on the “Import” tab and there you will find a field to import accounts.

A sample file formatted in CSV is given so that you can download the file and learn about the fields required to import accounts. To download the file, simply click on the “Sample” from the Account field and a CSV file will be downloaded on demand.

Import Account field - WP Ever Acocunting
Import Account field

Import Accounts Fields

The CSV file for importing accounts has several fields. To import accounts successfully, putting information on the required fields is a must. Also, you can import as many accounts as you want. All of the fields given in the CSV file are mentioned below-

Field Description
Account Name* Holds the name of the account.
Account Number* Holds account number
Account Currency* Currency of the account
Opening Balance Amount of money when a bank account is opened
Bank Name Name of the bank that holds the account
Bank Phone Bank’s phone number
Bank Address Address of the Bank
Import Accounts - WP Ever Accounting
Import Account – CSV format
The fields with the star marks are the required fields. You must have to put information on those fields to assemble a successful import. If any of the required fields go missing for an account, it will stop importing that particular account.

To download the CSV sample file for importing accounts, click here.