General Settings

From the settings page, you can set the information about your company. As you want to operate a business using WP Ever Accounting, the company name will act as a legal entity to engage in your business account.

Company Settings Fields

From the Company Settings in General Settings, you can set the necessary information required for your company.

Genral Settings

The information for a company in the setting holds the following things-

Field Description
Company Name* Name of your company.
Email Address* Company’s email address
Phone Number Phone number provided by the company
VAT Number VAT number of the Company
City Name of the city where the company exists
Address Local address of the company
State Name of the state
Postcode Postal code of the state
Country Name of the country
Logo Logo of the company

All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Only those fields marked as mandatory need to be filled up during the initial submission

General Settings

In the general settings setting, you will find an option to set the financial period count for your company to keep records of budgets, profits, and losses throughout a year. The financial year is a period of 12 months and you can activate the financial year at any given date of a calendar year.

For example, if the financial year count is set to 1 July, it will execute a report from 1 July to 30 June of the next year. To learn more about the financial year, click here.

When Tax is enabled, tax fields will be generated both in invoice and bills as well as in items. In general, tax can be set upon items only. When you are going to attach items to your invoice or bills, the tax field will be visible in both invoices and bills.

General Settings
General Settings

Default Settings

From the default settings in WP Ever Accounting, you can set the default account and default currency for your company. All of the incomes and expenses which are made from different accounts will be transferred into the default account. Similarly, all of the transactions which are made in different currencies will be converted into the default currency. Also, you can set the default payment method that your business will use most frequently.

Default Settings
Default Settings