Get notifications of both incomes and expenses from WP Ever accounting via SMS!!!

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that allows you to programmatically send SMS notifications using its web service APIs.

Get Notifications in your Mobile phone via Twilio SMS service from WP Ever Accounting !!!

Twilio SMS integration with WP Ever Accounting brings the opportunity to send revenues and expenses notifications instantly through SMS using Twilio messaging API. If you are a user of WP EVer Accounting and want to get updated on your sales and expenses via SMS, this extension is there to give you a hand. When a revenue or an expense is added to WP Ever Accounting, it immediately sends the information of the revenue or the expense via SMS in a predetermined phone number/s.

Twilio SMS Setup
Twilio SMS Setup

WP Ever Accounting sends the following data using Twilio SMS integration–

  • Send notification when any new transaction created.
  • Send notification when transaction updated.
  • Send notification when transaction deleted.
  • Send notification when any new document created.
  • Send notification when document updated.
  • Send notification when document deleted.

An SMS triggered by WP Ever Accounting carries the following entities when a transaction occurs –

  • Date of Transaction
  • Account
  • Amount
  • Customer/Vendor
  • Type
  • Category
  • Payment Method
  • Reference

Below, two SMS examples have been provided. One for Revenue and another one for Expense.

Twilio Revenue SMS
Revenue Twilio SMS
Twilio Payment SMS
Twilio Payment SMS

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