Generate an estimated price of your items directly in WP Ever Accounting!!!

Estimates is basically a forecasted price of goods that may vary from the market price. It plays an important role to evaluate and determine the future cost of items that you want to sell.

Generate estimated cost for your client with WP Ever Accounting !!

Estimates assist you to forward an approximate price of goods to your clients. If the clients agree to the estimated costs of goods or a service, you can simply create an Estimates and can convert the costs into invoices with a single button click.

Converting an estimated cost into an invoice will record your sales in the default account of WP Ever accounting. That means when you integrate Estimates with WP Ever Accounting, you will get the opportunity to deal with cost estimation with your clients and can give yourself a hand to boost your sales.

Estimates VS. Invoice

An estimate, in effect, is an approximate price for goods or services whereas an invoice is an agreed fixed price. When an estimated cost is sent to a client and later on, it gets approval from the client, it will automatically generate an invoice based on the estimated document.

However, if the client refuses to give a nod, you can immediately change the estimated price and send it back again. Perhaps, it can be a great tool for haggling about the price of something.


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