Add items

An item is especially a product that can be sold or can be bought. Using WP Ever Accounting plugin, you can categorically add as many items as you want by introducing both sale price and purchase price and can also include items in the invoice and bills.

Add items WP Ever Accounting
Add items

How to add Items

To add an item, click on the Items, which will direct you to another page. Click on ‘Add New’ to add a new item. There, you can add items by filling up the following information –

Field Description
Name* Holds the account’s name
Category Name the item’s category
Sale Price* Sale price of the item
Purchase Price* Purchase price of the item
Sale Tax Sale tax of the item
Purchase Tax Purchase tax of the item
Description Description of the item
Product Image Image of the product
All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Only those fields marked as mandatory need to be filled up during the initial submission.

Item listing

From the Accounting tab, click on Items. On the page, you will see all the list of items created before. The list includes the name of items, sale prices, purchase prices, and categories. You will also see a button along with each item. With the help of this button, you can keep an item enable or disable.

Items WP Ever Accounting