How to Customize Invoice Template

The default generated invoice using WP Ever Accounting-

Invoice WP Ever Accounting

Now, if you have an intention to make some changes in your invoice template, you can do it simply by going through this article.

Suppose, you want to move the customer info section to the left and move the company info to the right.

To do that, you need to find out both scripts- company-info.php and invoice-to.php

To find the scripts go to yourtheme/eaccounting/invoice/

You will find the following scripts-

Screenshot 1

Now override customer into to company info-
\wp-content\plugins\wp-ever-accounting\templates\invoice\invoice-to.php to \wp-content\plugins\wp-ever-accounting\templates\invoice\company-info.php

In this way you can replace or override any of the scripts and change the invoice template according to your need.